New Children’s book out!

Clarence the Concatenated Caterpillar

Hi friends! Some of you may remember that about a year and a half ago I was working on illustrations for a new book, Clarence the Concatenated Caterpillar. Thanks to the handwork of author Mike Sweeney and the layout editor Heather Knudtsen, it is BEAUTIFUL, and now available for you to enjoy. 

As you read it, please send me photos and feedback!!! 

Authored by Michael L. Sweeney
Illustrated by Sarah K. Snyder

Clarence the Concatenated Caterpillar wanted to be the hero of the land of Insectia, but everything he put one of his many hands to ended in disaster. Even the other concatenated caterpillars thought he was a misfit. But Clarence couldn't stop dreaming, even though fulfilling those dreams would cost him everything.


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About the author: Michael Sweeney has been a cook, a disk jockey, a janitor, a mail messenger, a pizza deliveryman, a minister (of various sorts), a handyman, a bicycle repairman, a missionary, a Bible translator, a school administrator and is currently a teacher at a wonderful little seminary in northeast Tennessee.


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