Sarah Kovin

Sarah Kovin was born and raised in Papua New Guinea where her parents worked in language-based development. This experience shaped the way she views the world, from her efforts to grow as an effective communicator to her creativity and art.

Sarah’s first children’s book as author and illustrator, “Skippit the Cricket”, was published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises (March of 2014). She is also the illustrator of “Clarence the Concatenated Caterpillar” by Michael Sweeney (July 2015).

Sarah’s art is filled with the many beautiful places and people she has experienced in the Pacific, Asia, Europe, and North America. In addition, her art is inspired by one of her favorite artists and a long-time mentor, watercolor artist Monica Allen Perin. She has spent many months with her at her lovely studio in the south of France, studying her technique and experimenting with colors.