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Skippit makes it to Ukarumpa International School, #HomeSweetHome (2 August 2014)

Skippit and Monarch chat




→ Evolution of artwork for Skippit the Cricket (17 April 2014)
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→ Why do the insects sing? (25 March 2014)
If you were to ask me how the idea for Skippit came about, I would smile with memories of my Classical Mythology class at Valparaiso University… (read more)


→ Warwick Authors (17 January 2014)
Warwick Authors CaptureSkippit the Cricket is now listed on Warwick University’s authors page! Alphabetical by last name (so search for “Snyder” to see my blurb).



→ Skippit: behind the story, thoughts, and notes (15 January 2014)
6th grade SarahI always wanted to be an illustrator | I was recently sorting through boxes of stored belongings. In that mix of treasures old and – less old – I found my sixth grade yearbook… read more